AirBNB contact number – 0870 186 5204

AirBNB is an online space where hosts and guests rent and book accommodation. The self-service deals or bookings are all done online via the company website.
Community-based trading is a fast-growing sector and is catching on all over the world. AirBNB is no newcomer to the scene as it has been offering these services since 2008. It now operates across 191 countries offering an alternative to hotels and structured travel packages. The concept is a simple one.

Calls cost £0.07 per minute, plus your phone company’s access charge. Check with your provider because access charges vary from company to company, and calls from mobiles may cost considerably more. We provide a call connection service, more details available on Ofcom's website.

If you would prefer to call AirBNB directly, here are some of the departments you may wish to contact.

Customer Services020 3318 1111

The company provides the means for people (or hosts) to rent out rooms to travellers or holidaymakers (guests) across all price ranges. One example is when a host generates an income from their student daughter’s empty room during times when she is away at school. The system is very flexible, so a bed can be offered for just one night or for a few months. Guests log in and browse,searching for accommodation in an area or during specific dates. They can look at pictures, read through reviews then pick and book anything that suits them. The type of accommodation varies from very basic to luxurious. Guests might book a single bed, a castle or anything in between.
Experiences may also be offered by hosts. Local residents often have knowledge of events and activities that are not advertised through formal channels and they can offer personalised outings. These could be anything from drinking a special beverage to exploring a network of caves. A day-trip, special dinner or knowing the best places for stargazing might appeal to guests who want to see or participate in something different.

AirBNB Contact Number is the perfect way to get your matters resolved.

The AirBNB 'phone number is not given on the website. In 2011, the AirBNB Helpline operated as a 24/7 service. Due to a rapid increase in the number of people using the platform, the number of inbound calls grew to the point where long wait times meant that people calling about emergency situations were unable to get through.
The telephone number for AirBNB UK is 02033181111
This number is a general number. Other contact numbers may be provided in confirmation and other emails when necessary. The service is designed to be managed online, so the telephone number would only normally be used in the event of an emergency. The website has answers to most queries at the ready, while a contact form is available to submit any question that remains unanswered.

AirBNB Contact Methods vary, but here's what we suggest

The communications model for this business is similar to those used by other community-based online services, like some auction sites. This might be a good option because Advisors are able to respond to emails or other queries when not fielding telephone calls Paper trail. Email replies can be kept for reference Reducing unnecessary calls mean that emergency callers can connect Times zones make telephone calls inefficient Written queries allow staff the time to check resources and find answers

AirBNB Online Customer Services


AirBNB Helpline goes Online

Ask a Question
Results become more personalised once the user generates a profile and signs in.
24/7 Customer Support
After signing in
Smallprint Terms and Policies covering governments and law enforcement, responsible disclosure and nondiscrimination
This includes listings, reservations, getting paid, co-hosts, hosting standards and access to the Community Centre
Business Travel
Answers questions about business travel for travellers, host and travel managers and bookers
For Travellers
Finding an Experience
Booking an Experience
Preparing for an Experience
Change of Plans
For Hosts
Booking issues, changing availability, booking confirmation, contacting a guest,reviews and advice if there is an accident or injury,
Change of Plans for Hosts
Includes adding, changing, cancellation and weather queries
Payment and Refund Help
Quality Queries and Concerns
Destination Advice/Guidebooks
Home Sharing Initiative

AirBNB complaints? Here are some helpful tips.

There are times when things go wrong. When this happens, a complaint should be raised to the business or organisation. All reputable business should have a complaints process or policy. Any business that is transacted online is bound by rules and laws like any other business.
AirBNB manages complaints through a Resolution Centre. The system requires that the user logs in, and more information can be found at This may be used to Claim against a security deposit Open a payment or refund request Request or send money for fees associated with an AirBNB trip In the event of a deadlock, where the host and the guest has an outstanding issue that they cannot resolve, a complaint may be escalated to AirBNB for an impartial decision to be made. Like any other complaints process, some steps must be taken before the issue is escalated. The person who has the problem or believes wrongdoing has taken place should make every effort to ensure that the second party is clear that a complaint has been raised. This is done when the complaint is named as such in any correspondence.
Once a clear complaint has been raised, then reasonable time should be allowed for the other party to consider the problem and explore any options. Often complaints can be resolved without escalation, but there are times when this does not happen. AirBNB regards 72 hours as being reasonable. Once this period of time has passed, then the complaint can be flagged to the company to look into and to make a decision. These escalations are done online.
The access link is through
The software would be signed into, and once the link is accessed it reveals an INVOLVE AIRBNB under the Correct Heading section. This action escalates the case which is then assigned to a dedicated team member. The team member might request further information from all parties before reaching a decision.

AirBNB Opening Hours

DayOpening Hours
24 Hours
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Admiral contact number – 0870 186 5202
EA Sports contact number – 0870 494 2080

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